Spot-Light on VAPCO

  • VAPCO was established in 1975 in Dhuleil area (which is 50 km north east of Amman, the capital) and the first production of veterinary pharmaceuticals was launched in 1977 in cooperation with the German company TAD. The American Abbott and the Swiss Siba
  • In 1987, the company started implementing the second phase of the company’s plan, where it started, in cooperation with a Japanese company, to produce pesticides of all kinds (Acaricides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Molluscicides, Rodenticides, Seed Sterilizers), public health pesticides, veterinary pesticides, fertilizers and plant growth regulators.
  • The company started producing veterinary medicines in the form of injections in 2009, such as: Antibiotics – Sulfa Compounds – Analgesics – Vitamins – Anthelmintics.
  • VAPCO was able to deliver its products to more than 80 international markets.
  • The company produces a wide range of veterinary medicines and agricultural pesticides (Acaricides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Molluscicides, Rodenticides, Seed Sterilizers), public health pesticides, veterinary medicines, fertilizers, plant growth regulators, in addition to formulations that are manufactured on demand in various forms. And different compositions to meet the needs of some countries and international organizations.
  • There are various factors that make VAPCO a leader in the market, the most important of which is that VAPCO products comply with the requirements of international pharmacopoeia (USP/B.P), Good Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and the requirements of relevant international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Joint International Pesticide Analysis Council (CIPAC).
  • VAPCO has obtained certificates (ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment, ISO 45001 Occupational Safety and Health, ISO 17025 ISO/IEC Laboratory Efficiency) and the Jordanian Quality Mark from the Jordanian Institution for Standards and Metrology, and the Golden List Certificate in the field of import and export from the Jordanian General Customs Department, and an award The state for excellence in the field of occupational safety and health from the Jordanian Social Security Corporation, in addition to dozens of honorary awards from the sectors of the local community.
  • VAPCO employs 300 employees with different specializations: Pharmacists, Veterinarians, Agricultural Engineers, Chemists, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Laboratory Technicians, And Skilled workers.

Company Factories

VAPCO has three main factories: a factory for veterinary preparations, a factory for liquid agricultural pesticides, and a factory for powdered agricultural pesticides.

Production Capacity:

The company’s production capacity varies according to the formulations of the final product, which can be summarized as follows:

  • 15 MT/day of Veterinary products.
  • 10 MT/day of Disinfectants.
  • 75-100 MT/day of Agricultural pesticides, Veterinary and Public health insecticides.


Veterinary products factory:

  • Powder production unit.
  • Liquids production unit
  • Ointment and Medical creams production unit.
  • Disinfectants and sterilizers production unit.
  • Tableting production
  • Injection production unit
  • Powder penicillin production unit


Liquid Agricultural Pesticides Factory:

  • Acaricide production unit.
  • Insecticide production unit.
  • Fungicide production unit.
  • Herbicide production unit.
  • Public health pesticides production unit.


Powder Agricultural Pesticides Factory:

  • Acaricide production unit.
  • Insecticide production unit.
  • Fungicide production unit.
  • Herbicide production unit.
  • Granules form pesticide production unit.
  • Public health pesticides production unit.





Qualitative Evolution

In order to achieve the desired goals, focusing on the qualitative development of all production sectors is one of the priorities of VAPCO, and this is done through:

  • Production of new materials and concentrations.
  • Focusing on using the latest machines and closed production lines that operate with automatic and computer control in order to obtain high quality products and to ensure the conditions for maintaining the safety of workers.




Quality Control

To ensure the achievement of quality goals, the company has developed integrated specifications for raw materials, packaging materials, and ready-made preparations, where the company conducts the necessary checks and tests to ensure that all materials involved in the production of ready-to-market preparations are in conformity with the highest international standards through the application of ISO 17025 Laboratory Efficiency.

The department applies all control tests required by good manufacturing practice and drug control in order to produce products that conform to marketing requirements and with high quality. The company also aims to apply GLP conditions in its laboratories.

Research and Development Department (R.D)

The goal of the Research and Development Department is to find new formulations and develop the produced products to keep pace with international requirements and solve the problems facing these preparations. The department conducts applied research for the studies it conducts through cooperation with research centers and local and international universities.

The continuous support of the department’s top management through its support with the necessary modern equipment, contributed to the continuous development of the department.

Production Department

In order to keep pace with the requirements of local and international laws and regulations and the practice of good pharmaceutical manufacturing, and due to the increased demand for the company’s various products, the company has completed the development of all its factories by adding new production lines and installing modern devices with high production capacities to ensure the conditions for maintaining the safety of workers and the external environment.

Quality Assurance Department Q.A

The Quality Assurance Department was established in the company to ensure full commitment to the production of cosmetics at the highest level. This department establishes and updates all procedures in the various departments and departments of the company in order to maintain the continued application of good industry requirements.

Registration Department

The Registration Department was established in order to meet the urgent need for growth and development to complete the registration files with the required information and apply the requirements of international pharmacopoeia (USP/B.P) and Good Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and relevant international organizations such as: World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Joint International Pesticides Analysis Council (CIPAC).

This department is supervised by specialized agricultural engineers and veterinarians with high experience to work on registering all the company’s products in coordination with the sales department, both locally and abroad. The Laboratory and Quality Control Department and the Research and Development Department, in cooperation with the Registration Department, prepare all the necessary documents.

The computerized information and file preparation system, in addition to the effective work methods, led to the speedy completion of the long procedures associated with the registration process, which led to the speedy registration of large numbers of the company’s items inside and outside the Kingdom.

Sales Department

Local sales:

An efficient team of veterinarians and agricultural engineers carries out marketing and promotion operations locally, each in its field, where the veterinarians and agricultural engineers carry out the task of guiding farmers regarding their farms and production by making periodic field visits to farms and drug warehouses to provide solutions to the problems they face by providing correct information and specialized technical bulletins.

A qualified transportation team also undertakes the task of delivering orders to customers in the local market quickly and with high efficiency.

Export Sales:

Since its establishment, the company has worked on marketing its products in foreign markets to include many countries of the world, and on appointing agents in other countries, and the company is striving to expand its reach to include new countries in the coming years.

Although many of the goals have been successfully achieved in the field of export, FAPCO is still working on developing and expanding export programs at the global level.

In its expansion, FAPCO relies on the quality of its products, which enjoy a good reputation, which made it a basis for programs to treat and control most agricultural diseases and pests.