Welcome to VAPCO

VAPCO Manufacturing CO. Ltd. established in 1975, in Dhuleil area (50 km north east of Amman), released the first batches of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals in 1977, with the cooperation of TAD company/ Germany.

The second stage of the company’s plan, started in 1986 to produce Pesticides (Acaricides,Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Rodenticides, Molluscicides, Seed dressings), Public health insecticides, Veterinary insecticides, Fertilizers and Plant growth regulators.

VAPCO started to produce sterile Injectable Veterinary Pharmaceuticals such as:

  • - Antibiotics.
  • - Sulpha compound.
  • - Analgesics.
  • - Vitamins.
  • - Anthelmintics.

· VAPCO exports its products to more than 80 countries to achieve a leading international position.