Registration Department

The Registration Department was established in order to meet the urgent need for growth and development to complete the registration files with the required information and apply the requirements of international pharmacopoeia (USP/B.P) and Good Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and relevant international organizations such as: World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Joint International Pesticides Analysis Council (CIPAC).

This department is supervised by specialized agricultural engineers and veterinarians with high experience to work on registering all the company’s products in coordination with the sales department, both locally and abroad. The Laboratory and Quality Control Department and the Research and Development Department, in cooperation with the Registration Department, prepare all the necessary documents.

The computerized information and file preparation system, in addition to the effective work methods, led to the speedy completion of the long procedures associated with the registration process, which led to the speedy registration of large numbers of the company’s items inside and outside the Kingdom.