Company Policy

Our ultimate aspiration is portrayed in maintaining our distinctive reputation, as well as carrying on our commitments. Those are manifested in producing reasonably-priced and high quality products. Having punctual delivery records and upgrading knowledge and development. Keeping low levels of environmentally polluting emitions, reduction of waste and using recycled materials wherever possible. Limiting occupational hazards and safeguarding the health and safety of workers.

VAPCO will achieve these goals by:
– Refining its quality, environmental and occupational health systems to comply with the requirements of: (GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001) in all products, services and activities of VAPCO.
– Complying with relevant local and international authorities codes and other related regulatory legislations and requirements.
– Refine and develop workers skills.
– Committing itself to up-grading its systems.
– Periodically reviewing its policy, objectives and targets by its top management.

VAPCO, portrayed in its top management, ensures the acknowledgment of its policy by its workers and that its policy is publicly available.