Local sales:

An efficient team of veterinarians and agricultural engineers carries out marketing and promotion operations locally, each in its field, where the veterinarians and agricultural engineers carry out the task of guiding farmers regarding their farms and production by making periodic field visits to farms and drug warehouses to provide solutions to the problems they face by providing correct information and specialized technical bulletins.

A qualified transportation team also undertakes the task of delivering orders to customers in the local market quickly and with high efficiency.

Export Sales:

Since its establishment, the company has worked on marketing its products in foreign markets to include many countries of the world, and on appointing agents in other countries, and the company is striving to expand its reach to include new countries in the coming years.

Although many of the goals have been successfully achieved in the field of export, FAPCO is still working on developing and expanding export programs at the global level.

In its expansion, FAPCO relies on the quality of its products, which enjoy a good reputation, which made it a basis for programs to treat and control most agricultural diseases and pests.